Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Healthy Foods

by Kiavash

People have different opinions about healthy foods. Different cultures have different methods for preparing food. I think Persian food compared to American food could be a little more healthy; most of Persian food is made of vegetables and herbs, which are fresh not processed, and usually they are boiled not fried.

Vegetables and herbs play a very important role in Persian recipes. The reason could be the geographic position of my country, which is not far from the Equator. That is why there are various types of vegetable and herb. For instance, there is a popular soup called herb soup, which is made of ten different kinds of herbs.

Processed food isn't as popular as fresh foods are. It is very common to cook a meal for a long time. Here in the United States, people are using a lot of processed food which is not healthy but is much easier and faster. For example, in the grocery store, there is more processed food than fresh food.

We don't fry food as much as we boil it and the reason could be the old cultural cooking style. Fried food absorbs oil and then we eat the oil with the food. There is less fat in the food when we boil it. For example different stews are one of Persian's main meals which will be cooked for several hours.

In the end, as we can see, Persian foods are a little healthier than American food. Therefore we have to avoid going to fast food restaurants all the time and buying processed food and find more time to cook healthy food at home instead.

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