Thursday, March 11, 2010

Fast Food Restaurants: Guilty

People think that fast food restaurants are responsible for the amount of obesity and other health problems in the United States. I would have to agree because fast food doesn't have healthy foods in it. There are fats, oils, and greases in most of the fast food. The advertising they put out there really can suck you into eating fast food regularly and on a daily basis.

At fast food restaurants they may have some healthy foods as toppings to a hamburger like lettuce and tomato, but they are not a whole serving and don't come with all the nutrients they should. There are plenty of other healthy foods you would not find at fast food restaurants such as apples, oranges, watermelons, pears, peaches, and cantaloupes. Those healthy foods are naturally grown with no fat and are very good for the body. They have nutrients that most foods do not.

The way the fast food is cooked and served after purchase is not healthy for the body at all. There are fats in them that many people already know about. They see it with their own eyes as employees drop a basket of french fries or tater tots into grease. There is so much fat in grease and oils and leftovers from other servings that don't make it out of the frying station. all of this combined can really have an effect on a person and do some serious damage to the body. I believe there are ways that fast food places could improve a lot in serving meals that are significantly better and much safer.

This is where the people become the victims. The advertising sucks you in in the time it takes to have a whole meal ready to be eaten. Some people cannot control what they eat or what their appetite is. This is where fast food restaurants come in to play with their scam to serve you unhealthy food in a very quick amount of time. Sometimes people don't realize it. They're so hungry that all they see is a big burger and fries, and it looks delicious and so good when it really is not healthy for you. The taste could definitely have a person coming back the next day ordering more off the menu.

This is why I believe they are responsible for serving unhealthy food to people. It's their product and their food, and they're cooking it and preparing it for you to eat in an amount of time which is very unhealthy to a person. If they advertise it to make it look like something it's really not, then yes, I believe it's them at fault. They're already hiding enough as it is by the advertisement to make it look healthy and good . That alone should tell people a lot, but some people cannot control it. That is why I believe fast food restaurants are at fault for unhealthy foods that they supply to people in the United States.

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