Wednesday, March 31, 2010

An Ounce of Prevention

by Willie

The expression, "An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure,"applies very much to health care. It is much better to prevent a disease or injury than it is to treat it after it occurs. It is also better to find a disease early, when it is easier to treat. There are many things that we can do to help prevent health problems or injuries from occurring and to find health problems early. The ones that I feel are important are watching what you eat, wearing your seat belt, and exercising.

One important thing that we can do to help prevent health problems is watching what you eat, and how late you eat. There are so many ways you can do this. Here are a couple things that you can do. You can watch how many calories that you eat per day. Another can be just simply watching what you eat, meaning deciding if it's healthy or not. Examples are stuff that's not greasy, and things of that nature.

Another important thing that we can do to help prevent health problems is wearing seat belts when driving motored vehicles. Doing this can very well prevent injuries, or even death. Wearing seat belts saves lives every day.

An additional thing that we can do to help prevent health problems is exercise. You want to exercise at least three times a week. A few activities that you can do are running, riding a bike, or lifting weights. All of these activities are very good for preventing health problems.

I feel that the things that we can do to help prevent health problems or injuries from occurring and to find health problems early are watching what you eat, wearing your seat belt, and exercising. There are many other ways to prevent health problems, but I feel that these are very important ones.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Agree or Disagree: You Can Eat Anything You Want As Long As You Exercise

by Tanya

Food I think is very important in moderation. Most things you eat can be good for you.

Now, exercise is great for you, I agree on that. If you eat anything and exercise well, that can be beneficial only if you do it often. When you eat all types of food and don't get physical exercise then, it's not going to help you.

Once in a while you can eat anything and not exercise. But, contantly eating and no exercise to help burn off the food can lead to medical problems to your body.

I believe that you have to do both in good ways, not too much of one and too little of another. You need both exercise for your body, and food to keep you going.

Just not so much of either thing. Balance one over another daily.

Fast Food Restaurants: Guilty

People think that fast food restaurants are responsible for the amount of obesity and other health problems in the United States. I would have to agree because fast food doesn't have healthy foods in it. There are fats, oils, and greases in most of the fast food. The advertising they put out there really can suck you into eating fast food regularly and on a daily basis.

At fast food restaurants they may have some healthy foods as toppings to a hamburger like lettuce and tomato, but they are not a whole serving and don't come with all the nutrients they should. There are plenty of other healthy foods you would not find at fast food restaurants such as apples, oranges, watermelons, pears, peaches, and cantaloupes. Those healthy foods are naturally grown with no fat and are very good for the body. They have nutrients that most foods do not.

The way the fast food is cooked and served after purchase is not healthy for the body at all. There are fats in them that many people already know about. They see it with their own eyes as employees drop a basket of french fries or tater tots into grease. There is so much fat in grease and oils and leftovers from other servings that don't make it out of the frying station. all of this combined can really have an effect on a person and do some serious damage to the body. I believe there are ways that fast food places could improve a lot in serving meals that are significantly better and much safer.

This is where the people become the victims. The advertising sucks you in in the time it takes to have a whole meal ready to be eaten. Some people cannot control what they eat or what their appetite is. This is where fast food restaurants come in to play with their scam to serve you unhealthy food in a very quick amount of time. Sometimes people don't realize it. They're so hungry that all they see is a big burger and fries, and it looks delicious and so good when it really is not healthy for you. The taste could definitely have a person coming back the next day ordering more off the menu.

This is why I believe they are responsible for serving unhealthy food to people. It's their product and their food, and they're cooking it and preparing it for you to eat in an amount of time which is very unhealthy to a person. If they advertise it to make it look like something it's really not, then yes, I believe it's them at fault. They're already hiding enough as it is by the advertisement to make it look healthy and good . That alone should tell people a lot, but some people cannot control it. That is why I believe fast food restaurants are at fault for unhealthy foods that they supply to people in the United States.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Eating and Exercise

by Richard

You can eat whatever you like as long as you exercise. Many people feel that way, but I disagree. You have to worry about health issues, such as heartburn, blood pressure rising, and food diseases. Exercising helps your body, but you have to maintain a healthy diet.

Eating too much and trying to burn the weight off may cause chest pains. Those chest pains are called heartburn. You have to keep a balance to resolve those pains. You can't eat greasy foods because it clogs your chest. Watching what you eat can keep heartburn from happening,

Eating foods with too much sugar and exercising may result in high blood pressure. Exercising doesn't reduce the chance if you're constantly feeding yourself junk. You must watch the level of sugars in the foods you eat. Try to stay away from the foods that contain high sugar levels.

Watching what you eat can keep you away from food diseases. In today's world many types of food carry diseases; diseases that exercising can't cure. You have to read expiration dates also to keep from gaining a food poison. Exercise helps your body, but it doesn't cleanse your food.

You must watch what you eat because exercising is only a step towards being healthy. Although many people disagree; many are unhealthy. A high population has or had heartburn, high blood pressure, or has had a food poison. Those are things exercise can't cure.

Monday, March 8, 2010

Fast Food Restaurants and Obesity

by Kiavash

People have different opinions about whether fast food restaurants could be the reason of obesity and health problems. In my opinion, I can't blame the fast food restaurants for all these problems. I disagree that the fast food restaurants are to blame for the following reasons: we always have choices, food isn't the only reason for obesity, and not having the knowledge of how to stay healthy have nothing to do with fast food restaurants.

We always have all different kinds of choices. When we choose fast food, we are the one who made the decision, not the fast food restaurants. Even though, if fast food is the only choice we have, there is always healthy food too for us to choose. For example, most of the fast food restaurants have a variety of salads, which come with meat like chicken salad.

I think food is not the only reason for health problems and obesity. Exercising on a regular basis and paying attention to the calories and fat of whatever we eat, could decrease the chance of obesity. For instance, we could eat 500 calories in a cheeseburger and burn it in forty-five minutes of exercising.

It is very important to gather all the information you need to know to stay healthy. Exercising without the knowledge of how to eat healthy is not going to work as well as exercising with health knowledge. For example, there is a monthly magazine which has a lot of helpful information about having a healthy lifestyle.

As we can see, fast food restaurants aren't the only reason for health problems and obesity. Not having knowledge about how to have a healthy body, not exercising on a regular basis, and not choosing the right of healthy food could be the cause of obesity and health problems.

Friday, March 5, 2010

Fast Food Restaurants' Responsibility

by Saima

I do agree that fast food restaurants are responsible for the amount of obesity and other health problems in the United States as I have seen many people who most the time have their lunch and dinner at fast food restaurants and are suffering from obesity.

All the food stuff prepared in fast food restaurants is fried and cheese is used in it. This is the main cause of obesity. For instance, burgers and sandwiches, which are liked by most people, have cheese and mayonnaise in them. Fries also cause fatness, and they are mostly served with all food stuff in fast food restaurants. And as we know the United States is a very busy country. Its people don't have time to cook at home. So while working, instead of going home or bringing lunch with them from home, they directly go to fast food restaurants and have their meal over there.

Fast Food and Nutrition

by Aleem

Fast food means meats and fried foods. These are unhealthy food. These restaurants are not responsible. People can watch their foods.

What nutrition in foods is healthy or unhealthy? Carbs, sodium, fiber, vitamin, protein, iron, these are nutrients. Do you know how many calories are in your food? We take vitamins from fruit, fiber from wheat, protein from meat and dairy product. Some fruits and vegetables have iron, for example, apple and spinach.

We should watch our diet. How many carbs does our body need per day? An average of 2000 calories are needed by one normal body every day. I think fast food restaurants are not responsible for our health. We should eat good healthy food and do exercise daily. Then we will stay healthy.

A Defense of Fast Food Restaurants

by Jeremiah

I disagree that fast food restaurants are responsible for obesity and other health related problems. One reason is that the restaurant only serves food. Another reason is health problems come from many different sources, and the last reason is you the person control what you eat.

First of all you can't blame a restaurant for your problem because they only serve the food. If you become obese it's probably due to the fact you already had an unhealthy lifestyle to begin with. Also it depends on how many fatty foods you eat.

Secondly, there is a list of unhealthy things in this world and one can't just be the blame for it. Everyone is different, and their bodies take in nutrients differently. Somebody could be the healthiest person alive, but that doesn't mean they're not up for a stroke.

Finally, you yourself make the decision. There might not even be a difference between home fried chicken or restaurant style chicken and fries. If you know that it's unhealthy to you, why eat it or at least limit the amount you eat.

I feel these are reasonable examples as to why you can't blame a restaurant for serving unhealthy foods or being linked completely to obesity. The restaurant simply sells home made food for people on the go. For every meal that a restaurant serves, you can get the same foods at home. Being unhealthy can be caused by a number of sources or bad genes. You decide what your body intakes and you are the only person responsible for it.


by Anthony

Exercise is very important. Some people don't believe so or they are just too lazy to do so. Exercise is good for your physical appearance and health. Exercise can also help with weight loss.

Exercise can help with your physical appearance. It can build and tone the muscles. For instance, a body builder is in excellent physical shape because of exercise. Not only can exercise get you in shape, it can make you very popular with the women.

Exercise can also help with your physical health. Exercise helps with cardio (breathing), blood flow, and keeps your brain thinking constantly. Exercise can help prevent heart attacks. Exercise keeps your heart rate steady.

Last, exercise can help you with weight loss. If you exercise regularly and maintain a healthy diet, you can lose weight. Also, you can keep a healthy metabolism, which helps with weight loss, too. Weight loss can also prevent heart attacks.

In conclusion, exercise is very important to the human body. Exercise helps with a lot of different things: physical health, physical look, and many different other things as well. If you want to stay fit, exercise regularly and maintain a healthy diet.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010


Smoking cigarettes is bad in general. Not only is it bad for your lungs, it is bad for your teeth, hair, and skin. Should smoking be banned in public areas? I think it should be banned altogether.

There are millions of smokers in the United States alone. That does not include the smokers in any other country. People will likely never stop smoking. The citizens that are against tobacco use are still going to try and get cigarette smokers to stop. Already, some major cities are beginning to ban smoking in public places such as restaurants and some bars.

I plan to stop smoking because of the damage that it is doing to my respiratory system and because the nicotine is staining my teeth yellow. Smoking is also harmful to the people around it because secondhand smoke is still harmful to anyone that breathes it in. I know that if I have children, I wouldn't want them to breathe that stuff.

Smoking may eventually be restricted to designated, well-ventilated areas where the smoke is only harmful to them. One day it could be banned completely. I think that would lead to a happier and healthier community.

Healthy Foods

by Kiavash

People have different opinions about healthy foods. Different cultures have different methods for preparing food. I think Persian food compared to American food could be a little more healthy; most of Persian food is made of vegetables and herbs, which are fresh not processed, and usually they are boiled not fried.

Vegetables and herbs play a very important role in Persian recipes. The reason could be the geographic position of my country, which is not far from the Equator. That is why there are various types of vegetable and herb. For instance, there is a popular soup called herb soup, which is made of ten different kinds of herbs.

Processed food isn't as popular as fresh foods are. It is very common to cook a meal for a long time. Here in the United States, people are using a lot of processed food which is not healthy but is much easier and faster. For example, in the grocery store, there is more processed food than fresh food.

We don't fry food as much as we boil it and the reason could be the old cultural cooking style. Fried food absorbs oil and then we eat the oil with the food. There is less fat in the food when we boil it. For example different stews are one of Persian's main meals which will be cooked for several hours.

In the end, as we can see, Persian foods are a little healthier than American food. Therefore we have to avoid going to fast food restaurants all the time and buying processed food and find more time to cook healthy food at home instead.