Wednesday, March 3, 2010


Smoking cigarettes is bad in general. Not only is it bad for your lungs, it is bad for your teeth, hair, and skin. Should smoking be banned in public areas? I think it should be banned altogether.

There are millions of smokers in the United States alone. That does not include the smokers in any other country. People will likely never stop smoking. The citizens that are against tobacco use are still going to try and get cigarette smokers to stop. Already, some major cities are beginning to ban smoking in public places such as restaurants and some bars.

I plan to stop smoking because of the damage that it is doing to my respiratory system and because the nicotine is staining my teeth yellow. Smoking is also harmful to the people around it because secondhand smoke is still harmful to anyone that breathes it in. I know that if I have children, I wouldn't want them to breathe that stuff.

Smoking may eventually be restricted to designated, well-ventilated areas where the smoke is only harmful to them. One day it could be banned completely. I think that would lead to a happier and healthier community.

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