Monday, March 8, 2010

Fast Food Restaurants and Obesity

by Kiavash

People have different opinions about whether fast food restaurants could be the reason of obesity and health problems. In my opinion, I can't blame the fast food restaurants for all these problems. I disagree that the fast food restaurants are to blame for the following reasons: we always have choices, food isn't the only reason for obesity, and not having the knowledge of how to stay healthy have nothing to do with fast food restaurants.

We always have all different kinds of choices. When we choose fast food, we are the one who made the decision, not the fast food restaurants. Even though, if fast food is the only choice we have, there is always healthy food too for us to choose. For example, most of the fast food restaurants have a variety of salads, which come with meat like chicken salad.

I think food is not the only reason for health problems and obesity. Exercising on a regular basis and paying attention to the calories and fat of whatever we eat, could decrease the chance of obesity. For instance, we could eat 500 calories in a cheeseburger and burn it in forty-five minutes of exercising.

It is very important to gather all the information you need to know to stay healthy. Exercising without the knowledge of how to eat healthy is not going to work as well as exercising with health knowledge. For example, there is a monthly magazine which has a lot of helpful information about having a healthy lifestyle.

As we can see, fast food restaurants aren't the only reason for health problems and obesity. Not having knowledge about how to have a healthy body, not exercising on a regular basis, and not choosing the right of healthy food could be the cause of obesity and health problems.

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