Thursday, February 4, 2010

An Invitation to Share Your Stories

Dear Parkway ESL and GED students,

This blog is for you. It's a place to share your health stories with other adult students. Maybe health care professionals will read it too. You can help them understand the experiences and feelings of the public.

You can write about any health issue or experience here. Please give your story to your teacher so I can post it. You can write comments on other students' stories, too.

Remember that this blog is public. Think about all the people who could read your story as you are writing it. Don't use your last name, the last names of doctors, or specific clinic or hospital names. You can make up a fake first name if you don't want your classmates or friends to know you wrote a story here. When I post stories, I will take out anything that seems like a privacy concern, and I will take out most swear words. Otherwise I will not change your writing.

Stay healthy!

Debbie Smith
Health Literacy Project Coordinator
Parkway AEL

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