Monday, September 20, 2010

Overweight Kids

by Dolorean

Why I think 33 percent of children in America are overweight is mainly because parents don't eat healthy so that's sometimes causes kids not to eat healthy. Another reason I think a lot of kids are overweight is because most schools don't have a balanced lunch menus, the last reason being some people just don't care.

Form my personal experience, I've noticed that a lot of parents don't eat healthy. I think that's why a lot of kids don't eat healthy. Which is why it causes kids to be overweight. For example I like fried food, and my kids grew to like a lot of fried foods. So I think that's part of the reason a lot of kids are overweight.

33 percent of America's youth are overweight mainly because of school lunch, I think, cause it is not balanced If you ask me school lunches are more about popular food than health food. That causes kids to eat unhealthy. That is why I think one of the reasons for kids being overweight is, they are not eating healthy at school.

I think some people don't care about their weight and health. Because 1/4 of kids are overweight. For instance there are lots of people I know that don't know how to cook. So they just go eat out at fast food restaurants. So that's one reason I think people don't care about their weight.

Kids are overweight in America because parents don't eat healthy. There are also a lot of unbalanced school lunch menus that I think is a big part of obesity in America. Most of all I think people just don't care. That's why I think kids are overweight.

Obesity in America

by Brittany

It is actually very sad how the people of America are not only gaining rapid amounts of weight. But also not choosing to do anything about it in their own benefit.

A whopping 32% of American children are obese, but this doesn't stop at just the youth, it only begins with them. All over America there are factors majorly contributing to these rapidly climbing rates, or weights, per se. For example, fast food chains are making a killing off of these people, who feel as though food is similar to their personal preferenced drug. Sure, fast and easy might be looking good on television, but not the effects you'll see when looking in the mirror after eating it day after day. And think, just how big will you be by the time you're a full grown adult from a kid?

In the following paragraph I will point out some of the obvious influences over our children, which results in some of these devastating statistics. Kids are enrolled in school at a young age, and most every school has worked to improve the meals served to our children. People have fought against the unhealthy and non-nutritious servings offered in public schools. But then you've got the people who reserve the right to allow their children the right to choose lunch for themselves. But at the expense of climbing obesity rates along with health problems it brings? Some people's genetics are more susceptible to becoming overweight. Truly, at any rate, every individual possesses the right to do something about their physical condition.

There still remains the percentage of citizens who believe in eating right and exercising to be the key to staying in good health. Yet there will always be the unmotivated, lazy group of Americans, who will remain just the same if not pound for pound, in their fat stupor. We live in the land of the free, and hese people are free to live how they please. And it it means that they'd learn to adapt to the lifestyle, so be it. It seems like less and less people are concerned by it nevertheless. Ultimately, this is their right as citizens.

In overall conclusion, the people of the United States are specifically one of two ways, or there's always the grey area on the scale. For those of indifference. America enables freedom, ensures your own kind of unique living style. Makes it all possible.

Childhood Obesity

by Helen

Topic: Why do you think 32% of American children are overweight or obese?

I think that 32% of American children are overweight or obese due to a number of factors. The original family as we know it has diminished over the years. The economy has caused numerous changes in the way we govern our schools and daycares. Attention on weight loss and nutrition has become one of the largest money making schemes today.

The original family as we know it has diminished over the years. We have more single parent families now than we've had in a long time. We have more married couples, where both parties work, in the household than ever before. This creates stress on families, where it is so much easier to order out or pop in a pizza. Parents are overworked and have no time to prepare food that is healthy for the children. Their intentions are good but to prepare a good healthy meal is very time consuming and that only adds to a stressful day.

The economy has taken a slide downward where you could at least depend o the schools and daycares to provide a healthy breakfast and lunch. To save money in the school system, they have resulted in pre-packaged food. The schools and daycares now rely on foods that can be microwaved and maybe an apple or banana may happen to make its way on the child's tray.

Attention on weight loss has become one of the ways companies excel today. They have actors and actresses to show how they have lost weight and can still eat what they want. The companies offer success you can't do by yourself. You have to purchase their program which includes food, counseling and sometimes a gym membership. This industry is grossing millions of dollars. To eat healthy is very expensive through these companies. Their advertisement offers hope. All Americans love hope. Actually everyone loves hope.

In closing, we as parents need to step up to the plate. Our children do not need a choice of what they eat. We need to choose for them and this needs to be a healthy choice. Let's not rely on the schools and day care to make the right choices. Let's make their lunches and ensure ourselves that they will eat healthy. Set aside a time to eat at the dinner table. Eating dinner together will mold you to making a balanced dinner. It will come natural to you. Don't get caught up in the weight loss industry. They cannot offer you anything that you can't offer yourself with a little determination and motivation. Involve your children in setting the table. I guess it all comes down to the good old days. Cut off the TV -- play a board game like Twister for fun exercise. Remember it starts at home.