Tuesday, May 4, 2010

How Can People Improve Their Health Without Drastically Changing Their Lifestyle by Tanya

Trying to improve your health without drastically changing your life style can be challenging. If it's hard just for you, imagine a group of people trying, also. I'm not saying that it's impossible, but it just takes work.
A way to change your health is to relieve or avoid stress. Some ways are eating healthy, exercising, and remembering to take medicine.
Eating healthy means eating less junk food and eating more fruit and vegetables. Not only do they taste good, they help many parts of your body.
After you eat you need to exercise to help improve your health. Exercising can make your bones stronger. It may also calm your nerves. The results are relieving stress. Other kinds of exercise can be dance, yoga, and taking the stairs.
In general you or a group of people can improve your health without drastically altering their life style.

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